Credit cards for travelers – check how to catch bargains.

Credit cards for travelers allow you to catch great holiday deals. Check what to look for when choosing a card for yourself.

The next holiday season makes us think about holidays more and more often. Foreign trip or rest by the Polish sea? Maybe you work in July and August to go on vacation after the summer season? Or maybe you are an avid traveler and the deadline set for you is invalid. You are trying all the time to go on a long trip, visit new places. If you like traveling, you should consider special credit cards dedicated to travelers. Why?

Saving through promotions

Saving through promotions

It is worth trying to optimize your expenses all the time. If you are a lorry driver or sales representative traveling hundreds of kilometers monthly, you will probably take advantage of various types of promotions offered by gas stations, thanks to which you can get special cards reducing the fees for buying fuel. If, in the long run, you want to save on, for example, your lunches at your favorite restaurant, where you go almost every day during a break from work, maybe you will get a loyalty card using cheaper meals. This normal and healthy approach to saving means that we are looking for shopping opportunities, discounts, rebates, coupons or we use special websites offering shopping promotions. If you are still at travels for both private and professional purposes, check how you can optimize your travel expenses.

Credit cards for travelers

Credit cards for travelers

Many banks offer special credit cards for travelers. What is it actually about? If a person often uses a variety of means of transport, be it a car, train or plane, he incurs high travel costs. When we add hotel accommodation, meals, taxi rides or car rentals, the annual costs of this type of professional or private time will be quite large. We can significantly reduce our expenses by creating various types of credit cards for travelers.

What is the credit card for travelers?

What is the credit card for travelers?

Usually, banks issuing credit cards for travelers offer collecting points, which we receive by paying for the services specified in the terms of the contract or various types of purchases. The collected points can be later exchanged for attractive material prizes or discounts at gastronomic or commercial points. Points received in exchange for using a credit card also authorize us to buy cheaper flight tickets, taxi rides or car rental. Discounts are offered, reserved only for specific credit card holders. We can use bonuses related to the use of credit cards according to our needs. If we often use international flights, it is understandable that we will devote all available discounts to purchase cheaper flight tickets.

Let’s look at examples

credit cards

Take for example the Wise Air MasterCard credit card currently offered by Raiffeisen GOLBANK. We can use it for everyday purchases, which means we collect points that later authorize us to buy cheaper tickets on the Wise Air network and use other available services. For every $ 5 spent with the Wise Air MasterCard credit card on their website we receive two points, while payment of $ 5 with a credit card at any other place gives the customer 1 point. By collecting points using a credit card and saving them to our Wise Air account, we can:

• buy much cheaper tickets
• pay points for luggage
• purchase additional services offered by the carrier

You just have to think about whether we need a credit card for travelers at all. If you travel very rarely, there is no point in making this type of card, because usually free use of the card obliges us to pay for purchases every month. Lower limits are e.g. $ 500. It all depends on the specific offer. However, if we use planes very often, nothing stands in the way of cleverly reducing ticket prices and more.

Watch out for limits

Before we decide to sign a contract with a bank for a credit card, it is worth checking out some very important details of the use of the card. First of all, we should pay attention to the credit limit of the card, the interest rate on the card account, the amount of the fee for issuing the main card, as well as the amount of the annual fee charged after the end of each year of card use .

An additional issue that needs to be checked will be the commission when converting receivables from a foreign currency into Polish. It is also important how many points we receive for the transaction, i.e. checking whether it is simply profitable to use the promotion of a given credit card. Using a credit card is to help us obtain additional cash, i.e. saving on products and services offered as part of the promotion. Let’s always pay the debt back on time so that it doesn’t happen because of careless use of the credit card, we will get into debt that will be hard to pay back.

Credit cards for travelers, just like regular credit cards, require a thoughtful approach. So read the terms of the contract, come up with a strategy for using the card and start traveling profitably.

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