Does the spouse’s credit record prevent housing loans?

Married couples can choose to become a homeowner by paying a certain amount of installments each month instead of sitting in rent. In this case, couples wishing to use housing loans must also meet certain criteria for their loans to be approved.

Unfortunately, many people may have problems due to their spouses’ current or past credit debts. The question that comes to mind in such cases is the question of eş Is my wife’s credit record important when taking out housing loans? ”

When using a loan, your wife’s debt is important?

When using a loan, your wife

The spouse’s debt status is important according to the type of loan. In case the consumer loan is used, the credit score of the spouse who will use the loan and the credit score or the credit registry of the other spouse are not taken into consideration if the monthly income is high. If the credit approval of the spouse using the loan is at the limit, then the other spouse’s credit rating and credit record are taken into consideration.

Credit packages with high maturities and long term maturities such as housing or vehicle loans are evaluated for the credit ratings and credit registrations of married couples. In other words, the status of the spouse can be activated in housing loans.

While one of the spouses is using a housing loan, the banks ask for their consent in written and signed form. The main reason for this is to be able to apply foreclosures to the spouse’s salary and property upon the non-payment of the loan.

Does the Spouse’s Credit Rating Affect Credit Use?

Does the Spouse

The credit ratings of married people do not directly affect the loan application of the spouse who will apply for a loan. If the amount of credit to be used is low, credit can be used from the banks that do not look at their peers. In such cases, banks may approve loans with low amounts in order to increase the income of the bank, to maintain the relationship with the customer or to gain new customers.

However, in both cases, the credit may not be approved by the bank if the credit rating of both pairs is low. If one of the couples has a high credit rating, the bank can approve the loan application.

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If one of the spouses can be withdrawn if legal follow-up?


Although the credit rating average of the spouses is important in housing loan packages, it is not sufficient by itself. The important point is that the spouse’s loan record history is clean. If your partner is in legal pursuit, this is a situation that makes it difficult for you to take out a loan.

Monthly incomes of the applicant and his / her spouse are considered as common income and evaluated together. If the spouse of the loan claimant is in legal pursuit or has recently lived in the past, the possibility of using a housing loan is very low.

Therefore, the credit rating and credit record of the spouse is very important. In such cases, it is only possible to withdraw a low amount of consumer loans.

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